Our History

The Hawkins Center was founded in 1986 and is named after Versie Hawkins, who suffered a severe back injury in 1982 that left her unable to work after more than 30 years of employment. She applied for Social Security disability benefits, but was denied. Versie sought the assistance of a young attorney and social worker in Richmond who represented her before the Social Security Administration and guided her case to a successful conclusion helping to restore a measure of economic security for Versie and her family. Versie’s struggle and the dignity with which she fought through it, inspired the founding of The Hawkins Center.

Why choose The Hawkins Center to represent you?

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI disability benefits can be a complex and overwhelming task that can take two years or more from application to award. The Hawkins Center provides representation to individuals throughout this process, from the initial denial through hearings held before Social Security’s Administrative Law Judges, all the way to federal court if that becomes necessary. We understand that applying for benefits can be frustrating and confusing. We are here to help and do our utmost to explain the process and help our clients achieve a successful outcome. Several of our Social Security attorneys dedicate their practice solely to Social Security Disability and SSI appeals.

Since 1986, our attorneys have represented thousands of individuals in hearings or appeals. The vast majority of our clients for whom work was not an option, came to us without any other source of long term income or way to support themselves or their families. We have repeatedly seen and deeply understand the critical need people who are otherwise unable to work due to severe mental or physical disabilities have for the stabilizing income provided through Social Security’s disability programs. This understanding fuels the dedication and commitment we bring to every client we represent.

If you have been denied your benefits or have questions about Social Security’s disability programs, please contact The Hawkins Center today for a free consultation.





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